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Examination in the Patient Room


To identify and equip local nursing students and international medical students with the resources necessary for educational success by partnering with community and industry leaders so those students will positively impact their communities.


Our Service Model

Eliminating Barriers to a Student’s Success

Portage Community has evolved to better meet the needs of our students, and tuition is just one challenge they’ll encounter on the path to becoming a medical professional. That’s why each person we serve has access to a team that’s ready to encourage them not to give up on their dreams. Many students lack a support system to offer inspiration or to answer their questions about classwork and the medical field. We provide tools for their success and eliminate barriers that would prevent it.

Locally, mentoring is the primary requirement for entering the Portage Community program. We also offer professional development, test preparation, academic support, and scholarships.


On an international level, financial need is a major factor for consideration in our program. In addition to their scholarships, each medical student in the Dominican Republic also receives mentorship and professional development.

Meet Our Team

Portage Community is a 501(c)(3) founded in the spring of 2019. Since then we’ve served dozens of nurses and medical professionals through scholarships, mentoring, and career development. With the help of dedicated volunteers supporting our dream, we offer learning opportunities to all who desire a career in healthcare. Here is our leadership team:

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Board of Directors

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