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Financial support is essential to sustain any nonproft, but just as important is the ongoing support of volunteers who share their time and expertise for our mission. At Portage Community, we have lots of opportunities for you to get involved! Here are a few ways you can join us:

Share Your Time

Mentors are matched with local nursing students and connect with them at least once a week to provide the encouragement and resources they need. While expertise in nursing or community services is helpful, it is not necessary. We are simply looking for committed volunteers who want to invest in the next generation of nurses.

For those who desire to support students academically through tutoring, we welcome active or retired nurses and other medical professionals with experience in the following specialties: critical care, mental health, pediatrics, labor and delivery, healthcare management, or long-term care. You’ll serve in five-week stints to answer questions students may have during their second-year clinical rotations.

Share Your Expertise

If your time is limited, please consider speaking at one of our professional development sessions. We’re looking for your expertise in any of these areas: interviewing, resume writing, time management, study skills, or stress management.

Or, perhaps you’re intrigued by current trends in the nursing profession but you prefer writing instead of speaking. We are always looking for volunteers to contribute to our website blog, a resource for our students and anyone in the nursing profession. Our communications team would love to discuss your idea and help you craft an article for our blog or newsletter.

Share Your Resources

A quality education really can change someone’s life. All they need is a chance. 


Portage Community is a nonprofit organization helping students here and abroad alter the course of their lives by pursuing a career in healthcare. We offer scholarships, mentoring, professional development, and academic support for those with a passion for healthcare without the means to pursue an education.


When you support Portage Community, you’re not just providing educational opportunities for aspiring medical professionals — you’re delivering hope. Through your generosity, our students can overcome the financial, emotional, and environmental barriers that would prevent them from pursuing these careers so vital to the health of our communities.

We all dream of a better tomorrow. And with your help, it really can start today.



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